Creating local and sustainable solutions for herbal ingredients.

Imagine you are entertaining a group of friends on a Saturday night. You have a great menu planned and a shopping list that includes several varieties of fresh herbs that most of today's recipes require. However, time is tight, but what else is new? You arrive at the supermarket in a flurry to find that they have no cilantro, the basil is wilted, and it will cost you $9.00 for the amount of mint you need to create your meal! If you rework the menu you'll have to chop and prepare.

Not anymore! We have a patent-pending process to "Fast Freeze" and package chopped herbs in a way that is measured, always at hand and tastes great. Convenience traditionally sacrificed quality; this product spells convenience with freshness still preserved.

Please e-mail us with your thoughts, suggestions and feedback. We're counting on the community to help us make this innovative new food product the best it can possibly be.

• It's healthy and natural. You don't need sugar, fat or salt to add flavor.

• Just scoop and measure the desired amount for any recipe that calls for fresh herbs.

• Simply cook any meal quickly without the bother of chopping; we've done it for you!

• It's cost effective. Purchasing fresh is expensive due to waste and spoilage. With fresh, frozen herbs simply use what you need.

• Tastes 100% better than dried herbs and in the long run costs much less.

• By adding just a scoop, makes any store-bought condiment taste fresh.

• Add Herb
SunLimited™ to any oil and it turns into a spread with the consistency of soft butter. Excellent for garlic bread! Or add to eggs for great omelettes.

• Great for entertaining! Making your life tasty and easy.

• All the convenience and quality with none of the work.

• Remember, we make the crayon, you draw the picture!